Our MIKE Powered by DHI technologies have made knowledge of water environments accessible to water professionals around the globe for more than 25 years. The MIKE product family encapsulates more knowledge and covers a wider range of water modelling needs than any similar products.

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Training courses & webinars

27-28 Feb
2 days
MIKE URBAN WATER DISTRIBUTION Introduction to the modelling of water distribution systems New Zealand
28 Feb-1 Mar
2 days
MIKE URBAN WD Real time control (Control) modelling of collection systems Australia
1 Mar
1 day
MONITORING OF COLLECTION SYSTEMS Monitoring technologies and practices Hungary
1-2 Mar
2 days
MIKE 21 BW Wave disturbance modelling in ports Greece
2 Mar
1 day
FEEDBACK EMMP Proactive and adaptive measures for the management of coastal development induced sediment plume impacts Canada
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27 Feb 2018 MIKE FLOOD Integrated pipes, channels and surface modelling
06 Mar 2018 MIKE SHE Opportunity and challenges with integrated watershed hydrology modeling 15:00 UTC
14 Mar 2018 MIKE HYDRO RIVER Introduction to fully dynamic modelling with MIKE HYDRO River
15 Mar 2018 MIKE ECO Lab Using MIKE ECO Lab to model water, habitats, and behavior in a changing world 16:00 UTC
20 Mar 2018 MIKE URBAN Getting started with modelling of collection systems
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