Monitoring and troubleshooting of treatment plant operation

Fast and safe simulations for operation and troubleshooting

A wastewater treatment plant model that enables you to run simulations for a variety of situations and operating conditions, in a fast and safe manner, can be a valuable tool for plant operation, troubleshooting and training of operators. You can run days or even months of operation within a short period of time and any kind of risky action can be tested offline without affecting the actual operation of the system.

Ideally, you want to be able to perform and possibly store all kinds of tests, without altering the master model. At the same time, you often want to conceal the complexity of the underlying WEST model to the end user.

Our WESTforOPERATORS product allows you to deploy a protected version of the model to the end user, for example in the form of a dashboard that can easily be set up using the input and output features of the standard WEST graphical user interface.

It is also possible to implement an entirely customised and plant specific user interface with the WESTforAUTOMATION product, which provides direct access to WEST’s Tornado engine.  


  • Creation of protected models for the end user 
  • Creation of a simplified user interface by using standard tools and features of WEST or by developing a custom application built on WEST’s Tornado engine
  • Integration with SCADA systems, MATLAB and general purpose programming languages