Mine water management

Modelling groundwater in mining

In all stages of underground and open-pit mining, groundwater flow may play a major role.

FEFLOW simulations enable you to develop strategies for efficient dewatering. Simulation results are used to design containment and clean-up strategies for contaminants released in the process. Simulation results also provide the required data to forecast the effects of mine flooding after abandonment.

FEFLOW’s flexible meshing strategies, its extensive solute transport simulation feature and the ability to handle variably or fully unsaturated conditions are some of the qualities that have made FEFLOW a success with many leading mine water consulting firms worldwide.

FEFLOW enables you to model:

  • Mine dewatering and seepage analysis
  • Pit-lake simulation
  • Forecast of possible effects of mine flooding
  • Containment and clean-up
  • Contaminant transport in mining environments
  • Artificial recharge and re-injection
  • Assessment of pumping schemes
  • Water volume estimation


  • Easy simulation of open-pit progress through element deactivation
  • Accurate representation of complex structures due to flexible meshing capabilities