FEFLOW and Leapfrog Hydro

The complete toolset for hydrogeological modelling

Joining powers of the best-in-class geological and groundwater modelling tools. You can easily build detailed geological models in Leapfrog Hydro and seamlessly transfer them to FEFLOW. Both Leapfrog Hydro and FEFLOW feature state-of-the-art interactive 3D graphical capabilities.

Leapfrog Hydro is designed for integration in your business processes. This means that you can use data directly from other tools like:

  • GIS data in vector and raster format
  • Images (georeferencing tools)
  • Borehole logs, such as lithology and wire-line
  • Well screen data, such as water levels and concentrations
  • Point data
  • Scanned cross-sections
  • Other geological modelling packages


The combination of Leapfrog Hydro and FEFLOW provides you with the most advanced hydrogeological and groundwater modelling tools currently available. Improve your groundwater modelling results now by seamlessly integrating your hydrogeological models.

FEFLOW and Leapfrog Hydro