Hotfixes 2016

Below is a list of hotfixes available for MIKE 2016 products.

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Download of hotfixes for MIKE 2016 requires you to be logged in. You may need to install service packs for the software product in question prior to applying the hotfix. You can find the service packs here.

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Hotfixes for MIKE 2016 (Service Pack 3 required)

MIKE 21 hotfix 07-05-2018

This hotfix resolves a read-in problem of pier data in the ‘classic’ MIKE 21 Flow Model.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 18-04-2018

This MIKE HYDRO Basin hotfix fixes the auto-calibration process for a NAM simulation, when the use of the CK2 NAM parameter is unchecked, in which case its value is used but not calibrated. The correct behaviour is that the value of CK2 is locked to the value of CK1, which is optimized by the auto-calibration process. The hotfix corrects this issue.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 01-03-2018

This hotfix corrects the failure in running the MikeBasin Engine in an optimization loop producing a crash in the external controlling loop. The problem does not occur in individual simulation of a MIKE HYDRO Basin setup.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 21-12-2017

This MIKE HYDRO Basin hotfix corrects the enforcing of the maximum allowed downstream release of a Reservoir in the context of the Global ranking allocation algorithm. To account for the maximum release it considers the releases downstream and down releases redirected to a connected hydropower.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 02-11-2017

This MIKE HYDRO Basin hotfix routes the global ranking reservoir releases through the Hydro-Power plants, when the corresponding checkbox in the individual hydropower properties is checked. At the same time reports the flood control releases as spill release.

DHI Internet License Server hotfix 14-07-2017

The DHI Internet License Service has been updated. If you are using an Internet license you need to install this hotfix.

Installation of previous service packs is not required for this hotfix to work.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 15-08-2017

This hotfix resolves issues relating to using pipe roughness calibration.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 08-06-2017

This hotfix enables customers to properly export information to MOUSE Project file type (.mpr). When a MOUSE project file (.mpr) is created two complementary files are also created one regarding hydrology information (.hgf) and one containing the network information (.und). This exporting capacity enhances communication for external data handling workflows.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 15-05-2017

The following MIKE HYDRO Basin Hotfix corrects an existing limitation to 510 time series for all catchments, when the weighting time series has been included in a rainfall runoff simulation of a Mike Hydro Basin model. With the fix, no limitations in number of time series exists in practice.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 05-05-2017

This MIKE HYDRO Basin hotfix disable an outdated warning from times when routing branches were not allowed in branches located downstream to a confluence node or downstream to a reservoir node. This hotfix does not change the computational engine’s behaviour, but only disables the incorrect and unnecessary warning message.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 07-04-2017

This hotfix addresses a problem with MU-EPANET calibration plots, enabling the tool to create plots for node pressure and flow TS.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 05-04-2017

This hotfix addresses a problem with the network topology being distorted after importing a minor *.mdb file into a larger database by means of only "Append Only".

MIKE URBAN hotfix 15-03-2017

This fixes several issues in the MIKE 1D and MOUSE engine: In the HTML summary, the Catchment continuity balance has been fixed for RDI/NAM and combined catchments (RDI+A etc.). The runoff model C2 (French model) using Horton Infiltration has been fixed, and also use of an unspecified lagtime has been fixed. The runoff model UHM has a performance issue fixed. In MOUSE a Horton Infiltration time issue has been fixed.

MIKE FM hotfix 27-02-2017

This hotfix will minimize mass budget errors in MIKE FM in case the crest of a dike is located below the land surface.

MIKE FLOOD hotfix 14-02-2017

This hotfix resolves an issue in MIKE FLOOD using MIKE 21 FM, which can occur for river link faces that are located on a boundary between two subdomains.

MIKE FLOOD hotfix 07-02-2017

Some MIKE FLOOD urban examples, coupled with Mike1D, fails to run, throwing a system.AccessViolation exception. The problem occurs after initialization is complete. It occurs due to a problem in memory allocation inside Mike1D Engine affecting some urban links. The current hotfix solves the problem

MIKE FLOOD hotfix 20-01-2017

This hot-fix speeds up the initialization phase of a simulation involving river components.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 13-01-2017

Since we installed Service Pack 3 for MIKE 2016 and MIKE HYDRO hotfix 01-12-2016 load calculator doesn’t allow us to use: SOURCES -> TIME DISTRIBUTION -> Distribute according to runoff. We get the error: “cannot distribute to runoff, because different properties of used times series…disable ‘distribute according to runoff’ or fit series used in panel “Catchments” to catchment definition in MIKE HYDRO”. Error doesn’t appear on Mike 2016 without Service Pack and Hotfix. The MIKE HYDRO hotfix 01-12-2016 has been removed from the available lists of hotfixes. This hotfix solves the problem, besides improving the error messaging in case any catchment time series has a different number of time steps.

MIKE 3 hotfix 12-01-2017

This hotfix resolves an issue in MIKE 3 HD FM for the GPU version related to implementation of gates.

MIKE BASIN hotfix 11-01-2017

This hotfix resolves the following issues:

  1. The calculation of the updated LAV curve was numerically unstable when the new zero level is close to the old one for reservoirs type I, II and III. For that reason the update will be postponed to later time steps when the new value is too close to the old one, avoiding these numerical problems.
  2. The routing of sediments had mass errors, resulting on negative values for the virtual sediment on reaches.
  3. Numerical error in the calculation of the new zero level for the sedimentation of the reservoir (levels of current LAV curve were wrongly read as integer instead of doubles).
MIKE HYDRO hotfix 29-12-2016

This hotfix applies to MIKE HYDRO River and MIKE HYDRO Basin. It ensures the process of importing branches from a shape file are made correctly, by connecting the branches without merging them under any circumstance in order to keep correspondence with the shape source data.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 23-12-2016 - a

This hotfix corrects a problem when creating dfs2 layers for Bed Resistance and Coarse grids when the bed resistance is defined as spatially varying in MIKE URBAN 2D Overland Settings resulting in both dfs2 containing a different number of column grid points.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 23-12-2016 - b

This hotfix corrects a problem with time series presentation when the regional settings are English (US) and the time settings changes from AM to PM not being effective at 12:00PM.

LITPACK hotfix 22-12-2016

This hotfix resolves potential instability issues related to the use of revetments and regional currents in Littoral Processes FM, Coastline evolution.

MIKE FM hotfix 20-12-2016

This hotfix resolves an issue in MIKE 3 HD FM in the case of combined use of a negative discharge/flux boundary and Sigma-Z level, when Z-levels are active at the boundary.

MIKE 11 hotfix 09-12-2016

This hotfix resolves an issue with NAM Rainfall Runoff model including Snow melting, where the runoff from snow melting is corrected to include dependency of the base coefficient 'T0' in agreement with the formula outlined in MIKE 11 RR reference manual.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 01-12-2016

This hotfix enables time series results and calibration plots for Combined Catchments in MIKE HYDRO Basin.

Hotfixes for MIKE 2016 (Service Pack 2 required)

MIKE 21 hotfix 12-10-2016

MIKE 21 Flow Model requires this hot fix to be installed, to ensure availability of an option parameter which allows setting maximum number of chains, to a user-defined size

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 26-09-2016

This hotfix is required when creating Maps results in MIKE HYDRO River. It corrects unexpected errors sometimes returned in the log file, and provides other improved error messages.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 06-09-2016

This hotfix updates the SWMM5 to MOUSE converter to properly read the “Total Runoff” generated in SWMM5.1.out files and create CRF files

MIKE 21 hotfix 23-08-2016

MIKE 21 Flow Model requires this hotfix to be installed, to ensure a proper handling of volumes transferred from MIKE 21 to MIKE Urban in a MFLOOD context, when using the multicell overland solver.

MIKE ECO Lab hotfix 25-07-2016

This MIKE ECO Lab hotfix resolves a problem with the view angle of an ABM particle when running using a Lon/Lat mesh and using RASF to query other particle positions or properties.

MIKE Zero hotfix 12-07-2016

This hot-fix resolves an internet license issues when using a proxy server for internet access.

MIKE Zero hotfix 11-07-2016

This hotfix resolves a problem with nested bathymetries in the classic M321 particle tracking.

MIKE 11 hotfix 04-07-2016

This hotfix resolves three issues with MIKE 11:

  • Problem when running MIKE 11 simulations from a prompt when utilizing the internet license option
  • Problem introduced with Service Pack 2 which introduce a more sensitive and potentially unstable solution when updating at locations in branches with negative flow direction.
  • Problem with error in control strategy number saved to results file during Data assimilation simulations
MIKE FM hotfix 24-06-2016

This hotfix enables seamless loading of setups that was generated prior to Release 2016 involving MIKE ECO Lab ABM/Oilspill sources.

MIKE FM hotfix 23-06-2016

This hotfix resolves an error that occurred when using an MIKE ECO Lab template (e.g. Oil spill template), which did not contain any state variables using the advection-dispersion module for calculating the transport.

The error caused incorrect performance in the transport calculation for Temperature/salinity module, the Mud transport nodule (including Helical flow module) and Transport module.

MIKE FLOOD hotfix 20-06-2016

Flood Modelling Toolbox: Correction of a wrong validation error “The 2D result dfsu file’s timesteps don’t overlap that of 1D result file” for the Flood Mapping tool that prevents the engine to start.

MIKE Zero hotfix 20-06-2016

This hotfix for MIKE ECO Lab fixes a problem with a wrong built-in state of temperature, salinity and density forcing in MIKE ECO Lab when using MIKE FM.

MIKE 3 FM hotfix 13-06-2016

This hotfix corrects an error during initialisation in the GPU version of MIKE 3 FM related to multi-GPU simulations using a sigma/z-level bathymetry.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 07-06-2016

This hotfix concern MIKE HYDRO River, Data assimilation module for forecasting.

The hotfix change the behavior of the ‘include error forecast’ checkmark in DA-simulations. Activating the checkmark will now enable full updating in both hindcast and forecast period, and de-activating the check-mark will now de-activate the updating station completely (hence, no updating will be performed at the station). Until now, the checkmark has only activated/de-activated the error correction in the forecast period of simulation.

MIKE URBAN Hotfix 02-06-2016

Network topology is now supported in batch execution with muiobatch.exe. When using this tool, the user must use muiobatch with the –t option to specify the template.

MIKE 21 Hotfix 24-05-2016

This hot-fix resolves an issue with low flow and the FST option. It further reduces the run-time.

MIKE URBAN Hotfix 19-05-2016

This hotfix enhances the Pipe Design Tool to create an ADP when the user select Individual as the method to select pipes to be resized.

MIKE Zero hotfix 18-05-2016

This hotfix improves the handling of large model setups in the MIKE FM setup editors.

MIKE Zero hotfix 09-05-2016

This hotfix corrects an error in the MIKE FM GPU license check, where too many seats were requested

MIKE 11 hotfix 04-05-2016

The hotfix solves an issue in the Graded Sediment Transport module. Service Pack 2 included a slightly revised formulation in the scaling of sediment transport at fixed bed locations and the hotfix offers an option to revert to the original formulation applied prior to Service pack 2.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 16-04-2016

This hotfix improves the bridge for handling data in KMD2 files

Hotfixes for MIKE 2016 (Service Pack 1 required)

MIKE SHE hotfix 18-02-2016

This hotfix fixes a problem when a river branch in a MIKE SHE setup is marked as a Kinematic Routing branch and the Kinematic Routing method specifies a Qh-relation for computing elevations.

1.5 MB
MIKE URBAN hotfix 16-02-2016

Time series bridge in MIKE URBAN, this fix addresses a problem using tab as a delimiter when importing time series from a ASCII files

1.4 MB
MIKE URBAN hotfix 04-02-2016

This hotfix enables Scenario Manager to handle different datatypes loaded in multiple scenarios.

1.3 MB
MIKE HYDRO hotfix 02-02-2016

This hotfix solves two issues in MIKE HYDRO Basin:

  1. Seepage loss from river nodes located within a catchment was not added to the groundwater storage in catchments with groundwater included
  2. Flow loss (seepage) not included in catchment node calculations. The problem occurred only when no additional river nodes were present upstream of the catchment node
2 MB
MIKE URBAN hotfix 02-02-2016

This hotfix solves various problems using SWMM in MIKE URBAN CS. Specifically adding simulation/export information of Weirs, Aquifers and Groundwater that is required to further use of the inp file in SWMM engine.

1.42 MB
MIKE 3 FM hotfix 02-02-2016

This hotfix corrects an error in the calculation of discharge over weirs and through culverts in MIKE FM (3D simulations).

79 MB

Hotfixes for MIKE 2016 (no service pack required)

MIKE INFO hotfix 23-05-2016

This MIKE INFO hotfix addresses an issue where spreadsheets containing timeseries could not be imported.

1.6 MB
MIKE Zero hotfix 07-01-2016

This hotfix solves a problem in Data Extraction FM that could occur if certain EUM types were used more than once in the file.

3.4 MB
MIKE Zero hotfix 07-01-2016 (b)

This hotfix changes the functionality of the Mesh Generator when Scatter data is converted to mesh nodes. Previously, the code value was set to 1 (land value), now the code value is set to 0 (water point).

2.4 MB